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Service Manager:
Chris Carver

We’re providing care and support for people all over the Brighton area in their own homes.

We offer an expert homecare service for people with a variety of requirements. Services currently include help in the home for older people, those with learning difficulties, people with physical disabilities as well as individuals with ongoing medical conditions.

At any one time we’re supporting around 200 people around the area. However, we always recognise that each person we work with has very different requirements. We therefore have to be highly flexible in our approach and willing to fit our service around the needs of each customer.

Our team works with all our customers to understand their needs and find ways of fitting our service around their lifestyle. This can often include matching support workers to each person we support. By making sure both enjoy one another’s company, we’re able to make the experience a really good one.

We believe it’s important to help people remain in their own homes, especially when it comes to sensitive times such as the end of life. We’re determined that with our support people will be able to spend this difficult time in comfort and with the people they love, rather than in a hospital or hospice.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be more than happy to help.

Meet the manager

Chris Carver is the manager at our registered service in Brighton. She tells us more about how she approaches her work.

What struck me most when I arrived at this branch was the calibre of the team we have here. This team has been together for a very long time; it has seen managers come and go, and come through many developments in the service.

What this gives them is a great level of unity and understanding. They work together so well and that has lots of benefits for the people we support.

For me the most important thing is to be flexible. Often people who receive care feel as if they are not being listened to – that they have to fit in with what their carers want. That’s not how we work.

We encourage everyone who works for us be open minded, and listen to what people want. We’re here to serve and when I see people getting the type of service they want, that’s a great sign that we’re succeeding.

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